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ellison the author

Friday, April 14, 2006

Irish general election, 1977

The election for the Government of the 21st Dáil was held on June 16, 1977.


Leader Seats Loss/Gain Dáil Seats (%)
Fianna Fáil Jack Lynch 84 15 56.8
Fine Gael Liam Cosgrave 43 11 29.1
Irish Labour Party Brendan Corish 17 2 acrobat reader> 11.5
Others farnalla63g 4 2 2.7


The 1977 General Election was one of the most significant for Fianna Fáil in all its history. It resulted in the defeat of the ruling National Coalition of Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party and the victory of Fianna Fáil. Jack Lynch became Taoiseach for the second time while the leaders adobe acrobat free downloadof Fine Gael and the Labour Party, Liam Cosgrave and Brendan Corish respectively, resigned as leaders of their political parties. Fine Gael and the Labour Party fought the election campaign as a team again. They hoped that their record alone would guarantee re-election, however, this was not the case. However, certain events including the resignation of Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh in 1976 and the redrawing of constituency boundaries would go against the coalition. Fianna Fáil ran a tightly controlled campaign. They promised big tax cuts and increased public spending. Jack Lynch toured the country in an American-style meet and greet of the electorate. Many commentators adobe acrobat readerhad predicted a return to power for the National Coalition, however, Fianna Fáil returned to government with a twenty-seat Dáil majority. It was and still remains the biggest Dáil majority ever achieved by a single party.

First time TDs

Bertie Ahern
Síle de Valera
Martin ODonoghue
Charlie McCreevy
Jim Mitchell
Albert Reynolds
Joe acrobat reader free downloadWalsh (Irish politician)
Michael adobe acrobat downloadWoods

Retiring TDs

Justin Keating
Conor Cruise eleanor53xsOBrien


November 7, 1979: In adobe acrobatCork City the Irish Labour Party loses its seat to Fine Gael. On the same day in Cork Fianna Fáil loses one of its seats to Fine Gael.
November 23, 1983: Following the death of Joseph Brennan (Irish politician), Clem Coughlan retains the seat for Fianna Fáil in Donegal.


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